Saturday, November 6, 2010

I have no injury but fell and broke my leg.

All the injuries I worked, shoulders, fingers and son on. I have no pain and climbing was coming along nicely until.

Yes, I took a practice fall and the gear popped and I hit a ledge. I broke right fibula. A clean break and it was high enough. I did not need a caste. I physiotherapied right away and became ambulatory. What took longest are internal injuries; hematoma and stiff back and range of motion.

I ended up with sizable balls of hematoma in my right button and shin. Ligament injury in my shin and swelling prevented good blood circulation. Long story short, I was climbing in 3 weeks with broken leg. What I found with broken fibula was that it got stronger and bonded soon enough. It was not strong enough to absorb shocks. Jumps from top of bouldering did not sit well.

I became ambulatory in days but whole recovery took ten weeks. I am still working on range of motion. Good news is that I become more conservative and safe. I am working on balance more as result.

For a change, I will be working with other climbers injuries. Yay