Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shoulder update

My shoulder is doing better. I am still seeking medical help. No surgery yet. I learned much about how doctors are and my condition. American doctors do not have time for patients. Well, given that is the fact, I am studying as much and using them to get educated. Here is how it goes. I go and see 4 doctors and that would be equal to 4 times 15 minutes. It is equal to 60 minutes of consulting and education time. Perhaps that is little over the top. I am definitely seeing 2nd doctor. First one was holier than thou. He was well balanced and experienced except he decided to give me cortisone shot. I don't know if it did much good.

The diagnosis is anterior labrum tear, possible SLAP. MRI normal does not give much. Even MRI with contrast does not give. Only sure is to cut and insert a camera. It is normal and typical to make the repair; shaving loose pieces and sewing torn pieces possibly with anchors. However, during the recovery, you can't move bicep as it will re-tear sewn labrum. That could last 3 to 4 weeks. Then 3 months to recovery. So it boils down to doctors with good sewing skill and good full recovery records.

My left shoulder is getting better just by strength training with small muscles around shoulders. I wear 2 pound weight belts around wrists. That did it. It needs to be small weight as anything heavier will engage larger muscles like bicept or tricept. It took me awhile to figure this out. I figured if muscles hold things better instead having the arm hang by ligaments. Shoulder instability is not physical condition per say but sort of quasi pain awareness. Only problem is that it brings atrophy as you don't want to use that shoulder.

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  1. I wish your recovery to be quick.