Friday, December 11, 2009

Grab holds gently and softly. Don't pull it down like an idiot.

The increased rest is working. I have less problems with fingers and I am fully rested. I am eager to climb.

I realize I need to go back to the basics every so often to test habits and assumptions.

For example, silent feet does not mean I place them silently and stare at it like an idiot. It means I place weight and feel and move off. Glue hand does not mean I grab a hold and think it is done. It means I place my hand the way I imagined and holding it the same way instead of shifting it after placing weight. Yesterday I realized when pieces of skin under my fingers shift under pressure. I was shifting my hand holds and stressing my skin to a breaking point. Subtle difference is how it plays out. First off, I am busy powering through without body awareness otherwise. Second, I am stressing my body through unnecessary peak stresses with poor hold contacts.

Back to the basics, I don't know how many times I am making these round-trips but the rock can wait.

I am doing some supplemental exercises; recruitment and strengthening of forearm, shoulder muscles and stretches of deeper core muscles. I complement them with opposing muscles training. This is to have muscle balance with stability.

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