Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Toe or Foot Pain

Deciphering foot pain has more to do with your mind set. You are told to buy tightest fitting shoes. Often that means tight you buy them. One thing climbing shoe makers do is to make sure shoes don't stretch. So, sell them or give them away. You need tightest fitting shoes you are comfortable climbing. Make all the moves; instep, outside, on point, heel, dime size, micro dot, quarter size. Put 1/2 weight, all your weight repeatedly. Pre-hooked shoes has a tendency to channel your toes into a pocket and eventually your toes will look a lot like sardines out of tin. Spend your 1/2 hour with your shoes.

If you have right shoes and still have pain, that probably tells you are not taking care of your feet. Massaging feet is easy to do and learn them. You want to have range of motion and work those sore points out.

I thought tight shoes help me climb better. Nop. Put those shoes aside. In fact, if you are wearing old shoes with hardened rubber, you might be causing foot or toe pain. There are more bones in your foot than anywhere. Listen to this podcast from NY Times.

Longer you climb, more likely you will develop arthritic conditions of toe joints. I had to rehabilitate my toes and massage them to be flexible. It took ongoing routines and I stop using my favorite but old shoes.

The problem with climbing is that we tend to think pain is part of the game. Nop. Warm up properly especially when you are getting older. Keep joints and muscles warmed up.

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