Monday, November 2, 2009

Rest Oriented Training

So, for the time, my mantra is to have fun and get stronger and improve endurance. It has been super fun with good warm-up, stretches and cool off. I think I am building a routine course that keeps me injury free and flexible with good amount of power. My training is to see how far I can go from "rest oriented training with intensity exercises."

I did develop some sore or pain spots; deep back muscle rushing into exercise without deep stretch, tenderness of big toe from improper foot work. I am learning new stretches. I treat my toes and feet just like hands; stretching each digit and ankle stretch.

My training at the moment consists of; learning new techniques, body tension exercises and bouldering.

The same technique is not same given angle of the rock. I am working on techniques; center of gravity awareness, instinctive climbing style, and precise foot works. Learning new tricks is not easy as I have bad habits. Bad habits are; sagging, hanging on arms without proper feet, over grip, pulling instead of pushing, and bent arms.

I am doing various exercises; limited iron cross, calisthenics and v-up.

But actual climbing is the best exercises. I like to use slopers and big holds to toughen soft tissues and to increase power and to bring techniques.

I think I need to do ; touching every holds with feet and climbing without pulling. I have been sharing some of these with other climbers.

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