Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lazy Method Revisited

Are you making progress?

If there is one hard lesson I learned, don't rush into hard training. You get beaten and the body blues sets in.

Be gentle and nourishing. Take it slow and enjoy more with less. Not enjoy less with more. I see beginners headlong into V1 and V2 and getting discouraged. I see climbers making same mistakes and powering through eventually hurting themselves. You need to learn to crawl before running. As far as vertical world is concerned, you can't even make a few steps.

Keeping yourself motivated no matter what level you climb is the name of the game and FUN.

Proper rests are golden. It is easy to train without a break, a proper break.

Putting them together, warm up properly, train gradually, be gentle. Enjoy yourself. Motivate yourself. Cool off properly. Eat well. Rest well. Don't go back without proper rest.

That keeps you injury free and stronger and happier.

Ben Moon sayz; A little and often. Be patient and let it happen. It is no good if you are not happy.Just climb, climb and climb

Francoise Legrand sayz; Not too fast, not too slow. Sometimes fast sometimes slow. I will do mental tatoos of these words...

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